Little J Zweigelt 2011

75cl Jurtschitsch Zweigelt Austria > Niederösterreich Juicy, easy drinking
Little J is a lively red wine from the famous Austrian grape variety, Zweigelt. Very attractive bouquet with typical aormas of ripe cherries and refined fruit flavours. Velvety, soft and charming.

The Jurtschitsch family has owned this magnificent winery since 1868.Today, it is run by three brothers, Edwin, Paul and Karl producing a large range of Langenlois and Kamptal wines, all of impeccable quality. The majority of the 60 hectares of vineyards are based in Langenlois, a naturally protected basin, where high temperatures are common during the day due to extensive sun exposure, while cool air flows in from the bordering, higher situated Waldviertal region in the evening. This temperature variation is the secret to the wonderfully distinctive flavour development noted primarily with Grüner Veltliner and Riesling from this region. In the 1970’s, the brothers began using compost and green fertilisation to nourish thier soils and since 2006, the vineyard management has been converted to controlled organic methods.

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