Coeur de Cuvee Brut Vintage 2007

75cl Champagne Vilmart Chardonnay, Pinot Noir France > Champagne Sparkling
Coeur de Cuveé is Laurent’s top wine, probably the only grower’s Champagne with a truly world famous luxury cuvee. It is a product of Vilmart’s finest two 1er Cru vineyards (80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot) fermented and aged in new oak barrels. It’s reputation as one of the region’s finest is well justified, showing immense power, depth and complexity. "I am absolutely certain that you will freak over these Champagnes. Give them some bottle-age and you’ll freak even more. Drink them when they're really ready and great chambers won’t be able to certain your freaking." Terry Theise on Champagne.

Tom Stevenson, renowned expert on the wines of Champagne, said of Vilmart in 1991 that they produced the very best Grower’s Champagne. In 2005, he reiterated that point, and added that he considered them to be the finest of all the ten biodynamic producers in the region. Champagne Vilmart was founded in Rilly in 1872 by Desire Vilmart. Laurent Champs took over the estate in 1990, and introduced the practice of new oak barrel ageing for the top cuvees and with a series of outstanding wines, brought Vilmart to the attention of the international wine market. Today, Vilmart own and organically work 11 hectares of prime premier cru vineyards in and around the village of Rilly. Plantings of Chardonnay total 7 hectares with 3 hectares of Pinot Noir and the balance Pinot Meunier. Annual production is small, with an average of 8500 cases per year (about the same as Veuve produce in a week, or Moet in 36 hours!). Laurent considers himself a vintner first and subsequently a producer of Champagne, ensuring he has quality wines in the first place before commencing with the second fermentation.

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