Gaillac Blanc Sec 2015

75cl Château Clement Termes Mauzac, Loin de l'oeil,Sauvignon Blanc France > Languedoc Fruit driven, smooth and dry
A blend of Mauzac, Loin de l'Oiel (literally 'far from the eye') and Sauvignon Blanc. Aromatically it is fragrant with apple-blossom, white flowers, pear and fruit-cup, followed by a floral, fruity palate with notes of green herbs. Pronounced acidity leads to a lip-smacking finish. Drink as an aperitif alone or with lighter style dishes.

Chateau Clement Termes was founded in 1868 in the historic bastide town of Montaigut and the wines were originally delivered all over France in oak barrels, the clients being largely composed of churchmen. The Chateau remains within the David family to this day and respect for tradition and traditional grape varieties remains undimmed.. This is wine from some of the oldest vineyards in France.Clément Termes is situated on the right side of Tarn river, at the foot of the Gaillac Hills. The vines take advantage of this relief and of the various soils.With regular sun and cool nights in the summer, the vineyards produce ripe grapes with the potential to create fresh and aromatic wines. The local wind, called the « vent d’autan », which is dry and hot, contributes to the quality of the fruit.

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