Taurasi DOCG 'Nero Ne' 2010

75cl Il Cancelliere Aglianico Italy > Campania Something special
Ah Taurasi, che vino buono per l'inverno! Pressed by foot, fermented wild with no control of temperature and aged in big old barrels for 2 years before resting and maturing for a year in bottle. Taurasi is the Barolo of the south and can age for decades. Claudio Panetta's fabulous example of this noble wine shows its immense potential. The current 2007 vintage is still a baby although displaying complex characteristics of animal leather, wild rose and dried fruits. The palate is rich and warming with a lovely vein of acidity and a smooth lengthy finish.

Situated on the clay slopes of Montemarano, a small village in the Irpinia area of Campania, just east of Naples, lies Il Cancelliere Azienda Vitivinicola di Pizza Rita. The winery is run by Soccorso Romano and his wife Pasqualina and their son Enrico. The Romano family have been growing grapes and making wine here for over 150 years. Il Cancelliere grows only Aglianico and produces approximately 20,000 bottles a year of both Irpinia Aglianico and Taurasi wines.




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