Spumante Rosato “Rose Mari”

75cl Drusian Sparkling Pinot Noir Italy > Veneto Sparkling
“RoseMari”, a delicious sparkling Rosé, produced by the Charmat method. It is produced from 100% Pinot Noir, fermented at low temperatures for 70 days. The result is a clean, refreshing wine with delicate red fruit flavours – a really charming and elegant Spumante.

After tasting innumerable Prosecco wines, which frustrated in many ways, sweet, insipid, cloying and bland wines, produced in enormous quantities, it was a pleasure to encounter Francesco Drusian and his family. The Drusians proudly introduced us to their range, which is produced solely from the family’s own 45 hectares of vines around Valdobbiadene. The vineyards are farmed organically with no pesticides or insecticides used on the vines.

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