Frentano Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo DOC 2014

75cl Cantina Frentana Cerasuolo Italy > Abruzzo Rose
Cerasuolo is the classic full-flavoured, fresh-tasting Rose of the region with ripe cherry and red fruit flavours.

Cantina Frentana differs from many of our producers list, in that it is a co-operative winery with 400 viticulturalist partners as opposed to a smaller, family-run affair.

The winery has been described by Gambero Rosso as “an encouragement to all those regional co-operatives that have finally set their sights on quality” For 15 years quality has been the main goal of Carlo Romanelli and his team of manager, oenologist and viticulturist who oversee every aspect of production- from grape-growing to blending to bottling.

'Concentrated entry of tart crisp redcurrant and unripe cherries. Long finish of cherries and stone fruits. partner with oriental chicken with ginger and scallions.'

Liam Campbell Irish Independent

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