Giol Prosecco Perla Frizzante

75cl Giol Prosecco Italy > Treviso Sparkling
Perla, as the name suggests has a subtle, fine perlage. Elegant aromas of white flowers and subtle hints of crisp fruit, slender and dry on the palate. A good choice for making cocktails such as Harry’s Bar’s famous Bellini, with peach nectar and peach liqueur.

Giol boasts the oldest winery in Italy since 1427, producing wines exclusively from grapes grown on the historic La Bicana, Il Bassonet, Le Gerette and Spiridiona estates.

Seeking to combine the highest quality with the greatest respect for the environment all 25 hectares of vineyards are farmed organically, eschewing the use of chemically synthesised products and avoiding the forced production of the vines. Giol were one of the first to be certified in 1993 and they make maximum use of renewable energy sources whilst protecting the environment, the fertility of the vineyard and the nutritional value of the grapes.

Below are some examples of their practices:
- No use of herbicides, but instead till the land and plough the grass into the soil -Advantages: re-oxygenation of the soil and enrichment with organic substances, nitrogen and trace elements; - No use of insecticides or chemical fertilisers, but solely products of vegetable, animal or mineral origin -
Advantages: lower toxicity for the vines and less polluting for the soil and aquifers.


Certified Organic & Vegan friendly

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