La Liebre y La Tortuga 2016

75cl Vinos Fento Albariño Rias Baixas > Fruit- driven, smooth and dry
"This Hare and the Tortoise wine certainly has a cute label but I am enraptured by the palate, too. With perfect, creamy, rhubarb and grapefruit notes this is my favourite Spanish white in aeons. It will romance any fish dish you can think of." Matthew Jukes

 La Liebre y La Tortuga Albariño (The Hare and the Tortoise) is made by Eulogio Pomares of Zarate, at Vinos Fento a new venture, making well priced Albarino. The vines are grown right at the bottom of the Rias Baixas appellation in Condado do Tea, literally facing Portugal, growing as they do on the banks of the river Minho which forms a natural border between Spain and its neighbour. The wines from this area are a bit less acidic and produce a slightly rounder wine without losing any of the typical Albarino elegance.

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