Italy, Spain Something Special 6 X 75cl
Alvear Fino en Rama, Montilla-Morilles Giol Prosecco Frizzante, Italy Hare & Tortoise, Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain Cococciola D’Abruzzo, Italy Tenuta San Vito Chianti Garnacha de Fuego, Spain

Basically every wine style needed to survive the festive season. This excellent gift contains a bottle of very fine Fino (not your Grannies sherry by a long shot), top quality organic Prosecco, to-die-for Albarino from Rias Baixas, a lemon fresh, indigenous Italian white, organic Chianti from the pioneering Tenuta San Vito and a silky smooth textured, warm Spanish Garnacha with ripe black fruits, plum, and a touch of spice.


Presented in a handsome wooden gift case with a full set of tasting notes.


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