Mengoba Godello Sobre Lias 2014

75cl Bodegas Mengoba Godello Spain > Bierzo Fruit driven, smooth and dry
Mengoba Blanco is a bit more serious than the Brezo, made from 100% Godello from plots of 30-40 year old vines, grown on river stone and sandy loam soil. It is fermented with wild yeasts in large wooden foudre and raised for 11 months in 4000 litre oval wooden vats. This is a fascinating, individual wine. Structured and complex with exotic aromas of musk, baking apples, warm croissants and white flowers. It's sappy and fresh in the mouth, with orchard fruit, quince, floral and crushed stone flavours. A perfect vino blanco to pair with wild game, rich seafood dishes, jamón, cheeses, and poultry dishes.

Gregory Perez is one of the most talented growers in the Bierzo region. A native of Bordeaux, Gregory came to Bierzo in the early 2000’s where he worked extensively until he created his own project in 2007. He farms 5 hectares. His goal is to express the Bierzo region as vividly as possible through working with only native grapes and utilising natural winemaking methods such as fermenting all of his wines with wild yeasts and working with very little sulphur during the winemaking process. The results are wines that show an uncommon sense of purity and elegance not often associated with this region. Brezo is the label he created for his work as a negociant.

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