About Us

We are specialist wine importers, distributors and retailers of a wide range of quality wines from exciting, smaller producers with a focus on organic, biodynamic and sustainable production.

Available in restaurants, from our Drogheda retail store or online.


Our mission is to offer our consumers a carefully selected range of first-rate, interesting wines.

We aim to source wines of outstanding quality that are produced by dedicated, zealous vine-growers and winemakers. We look for wines that are true to their origins and represent a superior expression of their denomination, terroir or varietals.

Many of our wines are organic or biodynamic. We also buy wherever possible from growers who work using a minimum of chemical interference and view themselves as custodians of their land with a responsibility to their community. This may sound like a romantic and idealistic quest, but the benefits are very real. Firstly, the wines have an enormous qualitative head start over their doctored cousins and secondly the benefits to consumers' health are considerable. Hopefully your enjoyment will be significantly increase


We didn’t set out to deliberately source organic or biodynamic wines. Indeed, we felt, and still believe, that there have been many vinous crimes committed under the label of organics. For us, the quality of the stuff in the bottle was to be the deciding factor. We vowed not to be swayed by past glories, the size of production, yields or the fact that the estate has been in continuous family ownership since before Christ was a boy.

Today, many of our producers practice organic viticulture, they believe in agricultural sustainability, they believe in respecting and nurturing the soil and protecting the environment. Some are certified organic, some not as the cost of certification outweighs the benefits. Many of those represented on this list without certification adopt farming practices which respect the vine and the soil as they believe healthy plants produce better grapes which make for well-balanced wines which are more pleasurable to drink.

Some of these “crazy” people have gone even further and have adopted biodynamic methods also, which is almost “ultra-organic”, with attention to scheduling work in the vineyard and winery according to the moon’s phases.

Key to the biodynamic method is considering the farm in its entirety as a living system. Biodynamic farms are closed, self-sustaining systems. The farm is seen in the context of the wider pattern of cosmic and lunar rhythms. In this holistic view, the soil is not seen simply as a substrate for plant growth, but as an organism in its own right.

The idea of using synthetic fertilisers and pesticides is thus an anathema to biodynamic practitioners. Instead, they use a series of special organic preparations which enhance the life of the soil, which are applied at appropriate times in keeping with the rhythm of nature. Disease in the vineyard is not seen as a problem to be tackled head-on, but rather as a symptom of a deeper malaise within the farm “organism”. The solution being to correct the problem in the system and the disease will right itself.

Travelling and tasting over the last few years has led us to one conclusion: the link between organic and biodynamic viticulture and terroir (or typicity) is undeniable. While scientists cannot prove this link, the truth is in the glass. We have discovered a brightness of fruit, a sense of focus, a sense of pleasure, an expression of the wines’ origin and an overall harmony as recurring traits in wines produced by these methods.

Taste and believe.